Mama Hustle Business Directory

Launching in Fall 2017 




Mama Hustle & Co. Business Directory is a global directory of Mamapreneurs. 

SIMPLY PUT ! This is the only business directory dedicated highlighting Mamapreneurs and their business. We offer flat subscription rate for any Mamapreneur owned business related to the hospitality or entertainment industries in 48 markets worldwide. We are the world’s largest site for Mamapreneurs that reaches millions of monthly viewers. 


When you support a Mamapreneur, you support a Legacy 


Pre – Launch : Early Bird Rates  

Package 1: Basic Business Listing  

Cost: $97 (originally $125) 

Term: 12 months 

Services included: 

Business Listing consists of company name, logo, website under 1 category self selected 

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Package 2: Basic Business List + Digital Coupon Advertisement  

Cost: $147 (originally $225) 

Term: 12 months 

Services included:  

  • Business Listing consists of company name, logo, website under 1 category self selected 

  • Business monthly discounts promotions exclusively available to Mama Hustle & Co. 



Yes - The Benefits! 

According to a study performed by Burke, 8 out of 10 people will use a print or online directory to find companies or products they are looking for. The same study also suggested that 8 out of 10 people who use these directories to locate a business do so with the intent to purchase a product or service from them. This is a very effective form of targeted advertising. The customer already needs or wants your product or service and you can directly target them by listing your website in an online directory. 
In short: 

  • Year-round exposure offered 

  • Exposure 

  • Increased Traffic 

  • Increased Revenue 

  • Increased Brand Recognition and Customer Interaction 

  • Cost-effective advertising 

  • SEO benefits

Research :