HeBlaze Tribute

honoring our "papas who hustle"

Kap Davis is the single dad of 5 amazing children. He is passionate about his children and leading the charge + conversation on dads and parenting. Yes! he often gets questioned - Are you raising 5 kids by yourself? His logical answer is : Yes they are mine and I'm their dad. They are my responsibility. In 2017, Kap Davis is launching his lifestyle brand called "KD Raising 5" where he chronicles the ups and downs of a single dad raising 5 children on his own and the his pursuit of promoting parenting from a Dad's point of View".

What is your hustle?

KD Raising 5 is lifestyle brand on parenting from a dad's point of view. Being the example and show the diversity of fatherhood through my lens. A father's perspective is as equally important as a mothers. I'm passionate about the Dads becoming more vocal, active and integrated in parenting.

1st Goal: Magnify the platform of Single Dads. We are here, we do exist!

2nd Goal: Have more positive images of Dads on the cover of Parenting Magazines and Media stories


Lastly and most important, Raising my children with the purpose to be #gamechangers in whatever industry they desire

Who and what inspires my hustle?

My Mom. We are products of our environment, and I spent most of my upbringing governed by strong and loving women. Aside from a very animated conversations with my sister about not allowing my 1st child to be another statistic, the strength, endurance, and love I've experienced from my mom and sister gave birth to my first  thought as a single father,"how did they do it?".

I'm a product of the single parent household and mama was the boss. So, I simply said to myself, I can't be a man if I can't be responsible in the area of raising my own children. Therefore, it was important for me to honor the women that raised me. I understand that as I succeed in life, they find victory in that as well (visa versa). From that place develops a desire to become a pillar for your family. I have a desire to be the go-to guy, and that drives me to want more out of my life. Never for me, but for my immediate family, then my community, my country, and globally, my purpose is to affect change for the positive. I'm raising 5 dynamic children while pursuing my purpose and that's the true hustle, freeing up time to do more.


How do you balance home & hustle?

I'm not sure that I have found a balance for the two. It's like serving two masters, one is always going to come up short in feeling like a priority in your life. If I'm at home too long we not making any money. If I'm at work too much, then the children are subjected to someone else's  philosophies, psychologies, idiosyncrasies, and life experiences. So I haven't found a balance between the two. When I'm at work I'm thinking about the kids. If I'm at home I'm constantly think about the bills and upcoming events they may need funds for. This is the part of life that gets me up in the morning. I look forward to sleeping for a week straight, when I no longer have to worry about keeping the lights on. Ultimately the kids are the driving motivation. My desires for them to have a better life falls on me, and I'm determined to leave behind a good legacy.

As a new entrepreneur, what are your strategies that are working for the businesses?

I'm still failing forward but I'm learning along the way. However, if I have any advise to give, "Just Start". If you don't have a lot of people around you that have their own businesses, you become that pillar in your community....just start. Quick waiting for the opportunity, get accustomed to creating one, but start. 

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