About Mama Hustle & Co:

This is our why


Led by Latosha Frink Harrison, we are a multicultural strategy consulting firm

Our principles are anchored in building relationships, partnerships and legacies to create sustainable platforms and opportunities for moms, our communities and brand partners globally.

We are home to the Mama Hustle & Co. Business Circle .


The Mama Hustle & Co. Business Circle is:

  • Global community of Mamapreneurs from every walk of life

  • Mamapreneurs leading their own companies and careers

  • Ages 25-50

  • Most educated consumer

  • Lead consumer decision maker in the household

  • Multi-billion industry on a slow day (wink wink)



  • To provide a platform for moms to connect, create and thrive together

  • To build industry relationships and partnerships to develop products and platforms that support moms and their families

  • Be the voice for the Brand of Mom globally



Optimizing the Brand of Mom while Redefining Motherhood to bring our partners and sponsors innovative and unconventional strategies to build relationships and platforms for moms and our families.


We achieve this through understanding your brand’s “Data” story. Data drives decisions by sharing its story of past and present patterns and aligning  In partnership with your brand we collectively craft the data story of your business’s reengineering. Connecting brands with real- time data driven planning, strategies and implementation that results in opportunities and positive results.



    We assist clients in completing a Brand Data Analysis, a module in Brand Messaging and Engagement. We craft a compelling Brand Experience through the implementation of a custom Strategic Plan. 


    Our clients participate in coaching for Mamapreneurs and Executives seeking to design and walk their power path in life, as well as group coaching for those who want to find their data story to magnify their business.


    We develop personal and professional enrichment opportunities for moms, their families and the brands that support to grow, engage and thrive. Our training will prepare you to plan, achieve, and balance for success.


    Developing unique platforms and opportunities to magnify the Brand of Mom through Conferences, Networking Events, Focus Groups, Pilot Studies and other platforms that help our Mama Hustlers move forward.




Building Relationships, Community and Culture to support every Mom and their families


Be the Voice of Mom and Partner with Brands seeking to make a difference in the lives of moms.