Week 1: Susie Spellman

At Mama Hustle & Co., our mission is to Move Motherhood Forward, One Mamapreneur™ at a time. We are kicking off 2017 with our SHE Blaze Campaign™ to magnify the platform of Mamapreneurs™.So let’s start off with Susie J. story – The Mamapreneur™ who planted a seed....

Susie J. pictured here is celebrating 100 years of blessings. So this what 100 years of blessings look like – Magnificent. So what does 100 years of blessings think like - HUSTLE

Born of Bravado – Susie J. was bold, fearless and wonderfully made on how she thrived in life and inspired all. Not given a thing but earned everything through hardwork and hustle. Mother of 9, seamstress, and timeless fashionista - Susie J. preached the importance education.

As she blossomed in age, she always educated herself on something new. New was defined by necessity or curiosity and always welcomed a new opportunity. Susie J. lived through times where education wasn’t a right it was a privilege but she knew she had the choice to pursue by any means and -SHE DID.

Education for her was access, opportunity and progressive change so that one day it would be a right that everyone could equally pursue. Education also fueled her hustle, it created determination and dedication to learn and apply it to all areas of her life to better herself, her family and community.

Even at 80 years old, Susie J. always made education by returning to school to learn a new trade, learning from others (each one teach one), going to the library to read or picking up copy of Jet Magazine.

Susie J. passed on August 12,2012 – In her passing she planted seeds of hope and hustle. Susie J. is the grandmother of Latosha Frink Harrison – CreatHer™ of Mama Hustle & Co.

Stay tuned for more Mamaisms™ from Susie J. this week. #mamapreneur #mamahustleco

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