Week 2: Latosha Frink Harrison

At Mama Hustle & Co., our mission is to Move Motherhood Forward, One Mamapreneur™ at a time.

UP NEXT….Latosha Frink Harrison- CreatHER™ and FoundHER™ of Mama Hustle & Co.

Latosha is a Native New Yorker- Brooklynite to be exact. Inspired by her P.P.F ( Past. Present. Future) I gave birth to inspiration, innovation and determination called Mama Hustle &Co. I created Mama Hustle & Co. with the sole purpose of Moving Motherhood Forward, One Mamapreneur at a time. As moms we hustle and bustle with managing our families, our careers, our businesses – pretty much EVERYTHING. I’ve asked where’s my support, my network that’s going THRU this as well. As I talked with other moms and experienced my own struggles I knew there was a place for Mama Hustle & Co. I wanted moms to know…women to know….We HAVE THE POWER TO PROCEED WITH OUR DREAM ( And we don’t need permission neither). With that in mind and my P.P.F motivating me I CLAIMED IT and is MOVING FORWARD

So let me break down my P.P.F Past- Grandma Susie ( met her last week), my mom, aunts- well pretty my Matriarch village Present- Me ( I had to remember to Honor ME) Future - My Babies…building a legacy for them. As woman I am my children’s first role of what my daughter should aspire to be better than and who should be the type of woman my son should marry

So you want to know what lit this Mama's fire – It was my daughter.

In 2016,on family trip-My daughter(Jewel) asked me out of the blue and so innocently…Do I DREAM? And What do I DREAM about? To say the less…my lil 3yr old punched me in the gut. I’ve always been progressive in my career and active with moving forward with positivity in my life. BUT( there’s always a but) I forgot one thing…Was I Living the DREAM that was dreamt for me? Was I living in purpose? Was my power being used in my purpose to move forward my passion? Did I lose my power? Why did I feel powerless?

So all these emotions hit me when my daughter asked me that one simple question – Mommy Do you Dream?

So we her words of inquiry it led to my inspiration and HERE WE ARE. I'm happy to Hustle with you because We GOT THIS.

So this is my story of how Mama Hustle & Co was born. Mama Hustle & Co. was created to provide strategic planning services, partnerships and platforms to support, build and magnify mamapreneurs.

As Mamas we build, nurture, grow and most importantly we HUSTLE. I have a passion for helping and building up Mamas to discover their purpose and develop their “passion” into “power”. Its so hard to lose ourselves in supporting everyone else. I want Mamas to know YOU CAN DO THIS and YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE. Collaboration is key. Leading a movement and network to support, educate and magnify mamapreneurs - That’s my Hustle


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