Week 6: Jennifer Hooks

This Mamapreneur loves the Beauty of a Bag. Here's her story.......

Jennifer Hooks, owner of Chic Society Boutique, was born and raised by a single parent in Bessemer, Alabama. She is married with a four year old son. She is also a full time corporate employee. Jennifer was exposed to handbags at an early age. Her mom gave her the first handbag she'd ever owned around third grade and she's carried one everyday since then. She grew up to become the bag expert in her circle. It was and still is her favorite gift to give and receive.

Chic Society Boutique was birthed out of her love of handbags. Her goal was to find stylish high quality bags that the everyday woman could afford. She was always complimented on the styles of bags she carried so opening a bag boutique was a no brainer.

Prior to her pregnancy in 2012, she'd worked part time jobs in retail for extra money. Her last position was a perfume model where she was contracted to sample various perfumes to women and men in various malls. This position made her think about selling products of her own. She began looking into starting a business, but soon got pregnant and put the idea behind her. Back in 2010-2011 she wasn't thinking about selling online. She'd sold knockoff handbags in the past so she figured she could hustle her non-knockoffs the same way.

In October 2013, one year and two months after giving birth, Jennifer took $300 from her corporate performance bonus and purchased her first set of inventory. She wanted to continue to supplement her income in a way that would give her time freedom. November 2013 she launched her BigCartel hosted site and went for it. January 2014 she made over $300 at her first four hour vending event. It was at that time she knew she was onto something. Since then she has added scarves, jewelry, sunglasses and other items to Chic Society. She has also gone on to vend in several cities. Chic Society has been featured in blogs, magazines, and worn by several influencers and celebrities.

It has turned out to be bigger than she ever imagined.

Before we close out her story...let's hear her where her HUSTLE is birthed from... and what keeps it flowing

I am inspired by my son and grandmother. As a single mother she raised her three daughters and helped raised seven grandchildren. I remember growing up riding with her to sell lunches and dinners daily at a local factory. I took orders for her over the phone and helped pack the food into her van. When we arrived at the factory the men were so happy to receive hot home-cooked meals. She is one to always use what she has to get what she needs. Whenever I think I don’t have enough resources to accomplish my goals I reflect back on her principles of using what’s available to me at the moment.

Check her out www.ShopChicSociety.com Chic Society Boutique Periscope: ShopChicSociety "Your online destination for chic accessories."

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