Week 12: Ticora E.Davis

This Mamapreneur inspires Mamas to protect themselves and leverage their Legal POWER

About Ticora E. Davis,Esq

Ticora Davis is on a mission to help wedding professionals, creative entrepreneurs and small business owners build, grow, and protect their businesses. As the owner of The Creator’s Law Firm™, a boutique business and intellectual property law firm, she provides luxury legal services to creatives in a warm and engaging environment.

Her clients include:

  • Award winning wedding professionals

  • Blossoming creative entrepreneurs

  • Small business owners

  • Designers & business coaches

  • Celebrity clientele

  • TED and TEDx speakers

As her clients trusted legal advisor, she leverages her entrepreneurial and start up experience to lay the proper legal cornerstones for businesses so they can focus on building their empires. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son, and leaving witty rap voicemails for her dearest friends.

Q: What's my hustle?

A: I am a multi-passionate individual and have several businesses; however, my main business is The Creator's Law Firm, a boutique business and intellectual property law firm that caters to small business owners and creative entrepreneurs.

Q: Who/What inspired your hustle?

A: Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be an attorney. (I even have my 4th grade writing assignment to prove it.) I have the heart of a helper so I knew that whatever I did in life, I wanted to be an instrumental part of helping others achieve their dreams. After having my son, my inner-confidence exploded. Giving birth and being let go from my previous job, in part, because I had a child is the reason for my WHY. I started my firm, because I wanted to create space for mamaprenuers and other mom attorneys to work without fear of starting a family or a business.

Q: How are you "Hustling up" Mamapreneurs to the next level?

A: Unlike other attorneys, I take a holistic approach to legal representation, which means that I not only provide legal advice, but also share business savvy guidance to clients. The value that I provide is my keen ability to weave legal advice with marketing, money management, ethics, and lifestyle. I often tell the mamas I work with that you can't DIY everything! We need to get in the habit of delegating essential tasks in business, especially those that can be handled by a professional.

Q: What strategies worked or are working for your business?

Beating fear is working well for me. I am pitching myself to speak at major conferences, appear on popular podcasts, and creating a strong presence on social media. I battle timidity, but I know the timid rarely experience wild success. Whenever doubt, fear or anxiety knock on my door, I peak out to see them at the threshold, but never welcome them in with open arms.

Q: What are your "Mama Words of Wisdom"?

A: Close your laptop, put your phone on silent, and consistently spend time with your family every single day. Your business can wait. Your family cannot.


The Creator's Law Firm

222 South Church Street

Charlotte, NC 28202

Office: 980.495.6067

Email: ticora@creatorslawyer.com


Find Ticora on social media @ creatorslawyer

#lawyer #legalpower #women #charlotte #northcarolina

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