Week 16 : Sabrina "Starr" Claiborne

Sabrina Starr Claiborne is the founder of LEAD Empowers, your Motivational Accountability Coach, Momprenuer, native of Atlanta, wife and mother of two beautiful, awesome children.

She has over 14 years in management and leadership experience and is and active volunteer with P.O.P.S Movement and HavenATL (both non-profit organizations). She has been recognized as a “Power Mom” through TDR Brands International and featured as the ‘Meet Your Knead’ business spotlight with Posh Pastries Atlanta.

With her passion to help others move toward entrepreneurship and turn passion into profits, she provides motivational accountability coaching and other basic business workshops to help create a platform for success and growth in business and personal development, despite everyday obstacles.

She also holds an extreme passion for the youth and leading them toward success. Her leadership skills have proven results with the students in her community and she continues to offer workshops to the youth to teach financial wealth, entrepreneurship and leadership.

She is your dreamer, creator, inspirer and motivator among new and aspiring entrepreneurs and youth

What’s my HUSTLE? My main hustle is that I am the founder of LEAD Empowers, a membership based organization which supports new and aspiring entrepreneurs. We achieve this support through a non-competitive environment focusing on group education, motivation and empowerment.

What inspired MY HUSTLE? In 2014, I was an Independent Consultant for Scentsy and my business thrived by collaborating with other direct sales companies and doing joint ventures/parties/girls night out. In my mind, it was the idea that I would be able to capture some of their audience, while they captured some of my audience for us both to benefit with our business. However, each time we were to invite our followers/clients, it appeared my followers were the only ones to show. Very few of them had met prior to any of these parties. However, one party I took a step back and observed the energy in the room and realized that, although many were not involved in entrepreneurship, not had they known each other prior to that night, they all seemed to be connecting as if they had known each other forever. There was a lot of support and advise being given in the room. There was a lot of motivation and encouragement. There was a lot of conversation regarding entrepreneurship between the ladies. And, the light bulb went off saying these women just need a support system of others who understand the journey and will continue to push them through life’s challenges and obstacle courses – WITHOUT a huge price tag. Just genuine support, advice and educational support to get through the basics.

How am I “Hustling up” Mamapreneurs to the next level? I personally provide a group on non-competitive women who now feel as though they have a true family. It is my goal to ensure that there is not just one meeting per month and no other connections until the following month. We are beyond the basic membership status. We connect almost daily via our FB messenger thread and FB private group. I empower each member to take it to the next level. Our members offer their own “LIVE” video tips and techniques as they are growing into their passions. I offer two virtual networking connections each month – A Think Tank and A Book Club (focusing on personal and business development). I challenge them to do the next big thing in their business and remove the fear holding them back. I offer weekly tips and strategies related to Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Networking and Follow-up. I offer more than a business group, but a true family of support.

What strategies are working for my business?

The main strategy that is working for my business is allowing them to see and understand that I too face challenges and obstacles as a leader. As well as empowering them to take challenges to educate each other and hold each other accountable through our “Member to Member” Accountability program. And, our quarterly self-love events allow time to help them take care of self and remove them from distractions and obstacles to regroup and refocus.

My “Mama Words of Wisdom” would be:

“Conquer your fear about business like you conquer everything else in life. Remember your journey/path is different from a seasoned entrepreneur, so stop comparing yourself to them. Don’t give up. Try different techniques until you find the strategy that works for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Always give back and remember that you are on your path for a reason. Be true to the reason, be true to you, be authentic and focus on collaboration and not competition.”

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