Week 19: Dr. Sheron Brown

May 9, 2017



Sheron Brown, Ph.D. is the owner of Sweet Eden by Sheron, a wellness education company. She helps people relieve stress and related conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, obesity and cardiovascular disease through individual and group coaching, courses and seminars.


As a yoga instructor and certified health coach, she also teaches mindful practices that help you improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being so you can live and work with increased joy and purpose.


My Hustle:

I am here to inspire people to heal their bodies and minds so they can fully serve their life’s purposes with joy and vitality.


My Inspiration:

I’m driven by the joy of seeing others accomplish their life goals. It bothers me to see individuals in pain—physically, spiritually and emotionally—because the life they are living is not congruent to the life they desire. Part of the reason is they have made everything else more important than pursuing their passion, and this is life-draining. This can lead to conditions like depression, anxiety, and a host of other ailments. Because their lives are not aligned with their soul’s yearning, their well-being eventually suffers. I personally lived this experience. I found myself fighting a host of health issues when my life was not aligned with my purpose. Through a personal journey of improving my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, my health returned along with my personal power and joy. I want to help others arrive at this place and live with joy and vitality from there.


Hustling Up Mamapreneurs:

I inspire other Mampreneurs through individual and group coaching. My recent book, The Wellness-Purpose Connection™ is another tool I use to do the work of hustling up Mamapreneurs.


Business Strategies:

I love to write, and so one strategy I’ve used is committing to writing for one publication outside of my blog on a monthly basis. This way my message is broadened beyond my base. I also engage others to take better care of their health through my Facebook Group, Going Raw Together (www.facebook.com/groups/goingrawtogether). It’s fun to see group members report back on trying new recipes, or sharing their pictures of a meal they have prepared with increased healthy choices. I love that! Although gaining new clients was not the original intention, that has been an added benefit, and so, I am grateful for that as well.


My words of wisdom:

Remain true to what is inside of you, work from a place of love, and trust that the Universe is conspiring in your favor. If you never give up, you will not fail.


Business:     Sweet Eden by Sheron

Website:    www.sweetedenbysheron.com

Twitter:    www.twitter.com/sheronbrownphd

Facebook:    www.facebook.com/sheronbrownphd

LinkedIn:    www.linkedin.com/in/sheronbrownphd

Instagram:    www.instagram.com/iamagirlfrombrooklyn



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