Week 21: Jennifer Cook

This Mamapreneur motivates Mamas on developing a new mindset for their unique plan

About Jennifer Cook

Fashion the Mind, Fashion the Figure

Jennifer C. Cook is the CEO & Founder of Fashion the Mind, Fashion the Figure. The youngest of 6 children, she was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in St. Albans, NY (a suburb in the County of Queens). Jennifer was fortunate enough to attend private school most of her life, all the way through college, which propelled her to strive for success based on her exposures and experiences.

Her spiritual foundation weighs in heavily on the things she pursues and those that she allows in her inner sanctum.

When she launched Fashion the Mind, Fashion the Figure in 2015, she coined herself as The Triple “C” CEO – the one that consistently builds class, confidence and courage. No stranger to public speaking, she utilizes her spiritual gift coupled with her natural ability to provide motivation and inspiration to others. It is through the facilitation and presentation at of her work within workshops, seminars, conferences, panel discussions, mentoring and serving as Mistress of Ceremony for a host of events whereby she reaches her audiences. Such occasions afford her the opportunity to use her oratory skills to encourage, empower and engage people in the direction of transformation both internally and externally.

This organization came alive after Jennifer began her weight loss and wellness journey while being a first time single parent to her precious son, James. As of to-date, she’s lost 70lbs and the journey continues. Despite the fact that she appeared to be happy on the outside, many would be surprised to know that within the interior walls of heart, she wasn’t feeling very good about herself. A smile and kind word remained constantly with her even in the times of struggle.

Oftentimes when she was in a low place, as do most, she sought negative attention on some level and participated in emotional eating for comfort.

As the re-invention of herself began, she learned some valuable lessons that she is imparting to girls and women particularly. It’s the message that “You are brains and beauty created by God, therefore this makes you a designers originally. When HE created you, the blueprint was thrown away. There is no one else like you. You do not have to compete or compromise who you truly are.”

Now that her message is being widely spread and well received by many, her most commonly used phrase is “I was built/created for this.” Every time she echoes these words it’s an affirmation that keeps her going.

Affirmations contribute to the large amount of success she’s experiencing and would encourage others to do the same. What you think or speak about will eventually come about (MANIFEST). Also, her daily practice of her faith gives her the assurance that God is with her and nothing can STOP her progress. He’s put a command and charge over her life that will not let her fail but only guarantees success. Words of Wisdom that Jennifer can offer is to put your blinders on, believe in your dream, go to work and don’t quit until the goal is achieved. Seed, time, harvest – if you sow the seed in time you’ll reap the harvest.

She’s been recently nominated as one of Charlotte’s 50 Most Influential Women.

She's been featured here as well

www.womenoffruitmag.com and www.peopleofthecarolinas.com.

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