Week 18: Chiezda Washington

Chiezda Washington, Holistic Life Coach and Health AmbassadorTo the world, she’s known as “Energy on Fire” but this little power house is definitely someone you want to have in your corner if you are facing a health challenge. Although drafted into her purpose, she fully embraced becoming a Holistic Life Coach after having stood idly by too long as her mother battled a chronic illness.

Chiezda Washington, Health Ambassador, a native Washingtonian and youngest of three daughters, is passionate about educating, empowering and equipping individuals and families on the subjects that matter most: HEALTH AND FINANCES! “Our health is our greatest asset, without which, we can’t enjoy either time or financial freedom.” ~Chiezda Washington.

As a former career Executive Assistant, one of her greatest attributes is the ability to support others in doing and becoming their best. Resourcefulness, accountability, take-charge attitude, by any means necessary and no excuses are just some of the terms that come to mind when people think of her.

Her spirit is one full of life and a very vibrant personality can raise the temperature in any room that she enters. It’s important to Chiezda that the world understands that taking care of your temple should never be an after-thought and that it’s truly the only place on earth you have to live!!! As a mother of two beautiful college students, she enjoys investing time in teaching others how to use nutritional support to prevent and/or reverse diseases in their bodies.As part of her mission, she’s taken on the task of traveling the country, then the world and using her platform, Health Ambassadors Ltd, a newly formed entity within her offering, to increase awareness and accountability on the community, county, state and national levels.

When she is not championing for change in the health industry, she’s enjoying the many books on leadership and self-development that she shares with any and every one she comes into contact with, spending time with her family and visiting her daughter in Philadelphia. A resource, nonetheless, that everyone deserves to have. If you have not connected with Chiezda Washington, you can find her at www.growwithchiezda.com or on FB at www.facebook.com/healthambassadorsltd for her business page.

What's my HUSTLE?

My hustle is helping to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and EQUIP individuals and families in taking back control of their health by teaching them the foundation of nutrition and the role it plays in the state of their health and wellbeing.

Who/What inspired me?

I was inspired by my mom who has been dealing with multiple health challenges for the last 2 decades. Having witnessed her journey, I first became a Certified Holistic Life Coach to assist my mom and decided that if she could find success, so could many others with my help.

How am I hustling up Mamapreneurs to the next level?

I help to inspire, encourage and motivate moms who desire to take their health and finances to another level. As a single mom with 2 daughters, both of whom are in college, I am living proof that you can achieve whatever it is that you set your mind to, with the right connections and encouragement.

What strategies are working for my business?

REFERRALS are the lifeblood of my business. I have to admit, I desire to have a thriving health coaching practice and am looking forward to creating a platform "Wellness My Way" and sharing this message with the masses as their HEALTH AMBASSADOR!!! (EVERYONE NEEDS ONE)

What are my "Mama Words of Wisdom"?

Your health is indeed your greatest asset. Without which, you simply can't enjoy time, family or money!! I would like to leave you with this; Create a plan that looks like success to YOU. Do not define your success based on the lenses of someone else's glasses. You are ENOUGH, you've been equipped with everything you need to succeed and what you don't know, hire someone who does!!!!

#ChiezdaWashington #HealthAmbassador

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