Week 8: Shantel Collins

I’m Shantel Turner-Collins. Folks close to me call me Shanie, hence the name Shanieism. I’m a spitfire, coffee and wine loving Aries born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I have an associate degree in Marketing. I married young and divorced younger. After 20 years in Corporate America and living all my life in Michigan, I quite my job packed up my shit and relocated my daughter and I to Washington, DC in 2015.

I seriously had become burnt out from the corporate world and I felt the time was right to pursue my own dreams of entrepreneurship. So, I taught myself “graphic design” well Photoshop, but that didn’t quite quench my thirst as much because I’ve always eyed myself as having some sort of retail store where I could greet folks, pour wine and serve up little finger food recipes I made up in my head. So, the obvious thing was for me to do was to develop a product line that I could sell and that’s basically how Shanieism was born.

For those who know me, it’s no secret that I’m quite funny and I curse like a sailor. The good thing is that I discovered how those two things could help me develop a winning product line.

Now there’s more to me beyond all this business shit. For starters, I love art. I mean, not to the point where I could name some artists, but I have a love of the creative aspect. I love to travel. I still love making handmade greeting cards. In another life, I was probably a chef. However, nothing quite compares to being a mom. It’s by far my greatest accomplishment in life. I live and breathe motherhood, all while I drink coffee and wine and curse like a sailor.

What's your hustle?

I sell fashion accessories for women of color and I provide graphic design services for small startups with limited budgets.

My daughter is the inspiration for my hustle. I struggled for years with trying to conceive and was told that I would never have kids. Well after I become pregnant with my daughter I promised myself and her that I would become self-employed so that I would never have to miss a moment in her life due to job constraints.

I try to encourage other mamapreneurs with my raw in your face open honesty about the struggles and glories of being a small business owner. I offer assistance whenever I can in areas that I find myself to be knowledgeable.

The best strategies that have worked for me is following my gut. I've been in business for years and I've tried tons of things and approaches. My current business is actually my most successful venture because I chose to follow my own instinct and to stay true to what I love and what I know. Because I chose this path the ideas for growth and operation just roll off my brain almost as if I was just born to do what I'm doing.

The more you care about what you think and less about what others think you'll find that your level of confidence in what you do will increase tenfold. Decisions will become easier to make and more rewarding to follow.

Trust those women instincts because they will lead you in the right direction.



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