Week 23: Alyssa Carins

This Mamapreneur Designs with Mamas in Mind

About Alyssa Carins

I'm a mama of two, (temporarily retired) community college educator, HGTV fanatic, coffee and wine obsessed, home designer who loves spending my weekends exploring Grand Rapids, MI with my cute hubby.

I love big cities, long books, college football, sushi, and yoga.

Mamas do lots of loving in our homes, and you deserve a home that makes you proud, as well as makes your life a little easier!

I designed my business particularly to support working moms. You shouldn't have to be an expert in your own career, a chef, chauffeur, maid, butler, laundry service, project manager, and finder-of-all-the-lost-things.... AND an interior designer, too!

What's your Hustle?

In early 2017, I officially launched client design services where I work with busy moms to create functional, durable, beautiful home design plans that they can implement with confidence.

This August, I'm unveiling the Mamas' Design Mastermind- a small, private community where I will be able to more intentionally educate, advise, and support busy mamas as they work on their home design and decor. Sometimes, all you need is a push in the right direction (not a full-blown interior designer!) and the Mastermind will let me be the "designer-in-your-back-pocket" for less than $50 a month.

Pssst. Join the Facebook Group to get more info on the Mamas' Design Mastermind

Who is the Inspiration behind your Hustle?

I worked a full-time career, and tried to give 100% of myself to everyone, and my home kept falling to the bottom of a never-ending to do list. It was a passion and a hobby that I never had enough time to complete. Now I'm thrilled to help other busy families add peace and joy to their home through functional design. I was able to turn my hobby into my hustle, AND stay home with my kiddos!!!

What strategies worked or are working for your business?

I started a free Facebook community to help answer design questions and provide inspiration and support for busy moms. It took off! The group has grown to almost 1000 members in 2 months- it is engaged, positive, productive, and I love it. I use FB Live 1-2x a week, and post in the group daily. This community is where I truly feel like I have found "my people"- and it was the inspiration for my membership community

Connect with Alyssa

Instagram.com/alyssaturnercairns facebook.com/groups/mamadesignclub www.facebook.com/alyssatcairns

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