Week 34 : Chanice Ford

About Chanice Ford

Chanice Ford, co-founder of Concierge Doulas™ of South Florida strives to help expectant mothers reduce the stress of pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period by providing premium doula services focused on helping women and families. She helps women determine the path that is right for them alongside their trusted medical professionals. Chanice’s mission is to provide unbiased, research-based care to the women of South Florida. She understands the uncertainty and concern of many expectant mothers who are contemplating the best way to develop a birth plan and prepare for the new experiences of motherhood, often while working full-time in a demanding career. She is dedicated to working with medical professionals and families to ensure a happy, healthy, and safe experience. Chanice attended Florida A&M University, working in pre-med biology and also pursued Health Informatics at Georgia Perimeter College. She has since received extensive training from DONA International, ProDoula, and Baby Planner, Inc. She is currently pursuing her goal of becoming a Doctor of Nursing Practice in Midwifery. Her training and expertise have made her passionate about helping mothers through the life-changing process of childbirth. Chanice Ford first became motivated to serve women as a Doula after participating in the birth of her nephew, when she provided support to her sister through a very complicated birth. Having experienced a difficult birth herself, she was driven to launch and empower women like herself to have the pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience they want. Chanice Ford has an old soul and a big heart! She loves spending time with her husband and their daughter as much as she loves a brunch with the girls! She governs her life by God, Family, & Career and looks most forward to supporting the coming generations of her clients.

What is your Hustle (Business)?

I am co-owner of Concierge Doulas, Lullaby Little, & Co-Founder of Be The Change. Concierge Doulas, a placement agency, works with families in South Florida and beyond in many capacities beginning with birthwork and including newborn & infant care. Lullaby Little, a subsidiary of Concierge Doulas is a professional infant sleep coaching business. Be The Change is a movement. We are a group of leaders in the birth and parenting industry that aspire to be the change we want to see-- focusing on inclusivity and diversity in our work.

Who/What inspired Your Hustle?

Varied life experiences have inspired my hustle but there are some things that keep my fire lit, like my daughter, my hope for the world, and my passion for providing nonjudgmental support.

As an agency owner and CEO, it's my job to make a way for other people. I love having the opportunity to provide work and know that there are families being supported in this work.

How are you “Hustling up” Mamapreneurs to the next level?

Through be the change, we are the true meaning of "real leaders create more leaders". Every day, I'm example to hundreds of people. Every day, I exhibit love and perseverance. Every day, I move forward, with the prayer of changing lives and helping women to know that they can too!

What strategies worked or are working for your business?

Authenticity. It's as simple as that. The more I'm able to show who I am in my business, the more successful we become! It's my favorite part of being a business owner.

Connect with Chanice

Twitter: @withlove_Chandy IG: WithloveChandy www.facebook.com/ConciergeDoulas www.facebook.com/LullabyLittle www.facebook.com/BTChangeSummit

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