Week 36: Stacey Ferguson

About Stacey Ferguson

Stacey Ferguson known as Justice Fergie in the blogosphere, is unstoppable. Simply, a digital leader in the flesh. The former lawyer and self professed foodie, who spent a great deal of her free time blogging about balancing family and career is watching her hard work pay off.

Justice, the co-founder of the annual BeBlogalicious conference, which is a collective of minority women (and men) interested in business + media is charging full steam ahead; yes! they just completed their fourth event in September 2012 @ the Red Rock, Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. But that’s not it; her most recent blog, Life is the Party, is all about making everyday life enjoyable. Mommynoire recently sat down with Justice Fergie to talk about creating a brand, the importance of social media, and how she finds the energy for it all.

What is your Hustle (Business)?

I am an attorney by trade and I practiced advertising and technology law for eight years. About six years ago I came up with the idea to start a blog to write about being a working mom – juggling career and home. Me and two friends from law school who were in the same position started a blog called Mama Law, because we were moms that were lawyers. We wrote about work life balance.

In two years of writing in that space, we found a need to bring together bloggers of color, because it didn’t seem many were out there when it came to working with brands and marketers. So that’s how the idea of Blogalicious came about. We wanted to do a gathering of women of color social media enthusiasts to let people know a) we were out there and b) to show brands that we do exist and we’re a powerful consumer demographic.

The first event was in 2009. In the meantime as Blogalicious was there and getting bigger (I think we thought it was going to be a one-time event) I decided to grow my personal brand. So I started a blog called Foode that was a gal with a crush on food and social media, because I’m a foodie. From there I didn’t want to pigeonhole myself and just be about food and that’s where Life is the Party came from

Who/What inspired Your Hustle?

We had the desire to develop a community for female bloggers of color. We saw mainstream bloggers who were getting paid opportunities and we wanted to see people of diverse backgrounds get those same chances. We basically had two aims; unite the community of bloggers of color and teach marketers about our demographic.

How are you “Hustling up” Mamapreneurs to the next level?

One of my unique value propositions is delivering Strategy Magic: specific, proven strategies for success in a magical environment of support, inspiration and fun.

What strategies worked or are working for your business?

Before this year, it was a lot of waking up early and staying up late because I was working a full-time legal job and taking care of three kids all under 8 years old. In the beginning the blog was an outlet, really, and a stress management tool because I could write what I wanted to.

People would comment and it would act as a support group. And as the blog turned into more of a business that became another project that I had to really devote a lot of time and attention to, I realized I had to find a balance. It was very hard and I couldn’t have done it without a very supportive husband and family. And then this year I left my legal job to pursue the digital space full time because it was just overtaking my regular day. I wanted to really take a chance and give it my all to see what could come of it if I was devoting 100 percent to it. It was kind of like put up or shut up.

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