Week 39: Lisa Jennings

About Lisa Jennings

Shalisa "Lisa" Jennings has been in the cosmetics industry for more than 10 years. She has a deep love for makeup and has been dreaming about putting up this business for several years. Bouji is always misconstrued as being stuck up or snobby, however the real meaning is learning to love yourself, being respect by others, knowing your self- worth & setting your standards high.

Bouji Lip Cosmetics is here to empower our new generation by sending a positive message across the world. B.L.C is changing the way beauty is looked at.

Are you ready to Makeup & Kiss your bad days goodbye?

Bouji Lip Cosmetics has an extensive colour collection, specializing in high quality products. We pride ourselves in making sure your lips are appealing, with the best pigments & ingredients. Ladies you are already naturally beautiful but we are here to make you shine, feel fabulous, gain confidence & gain respect by loving the skin you are in. Take your pick from our stylish collection and expect heads to turn. Bodacious, Originally, Unique, Jazzy, and Irresistible you ladies are.

Whether you are attending a red carpet event, wedding or a walk in the park, we have the right lip products just for you. There is beauty in simplicity; with our products you will definitely feel like a millionaire.

What is your Hustle?

Bringing Beauty and Fashion to the world 1 lip at a time

Who or What inspired Your Hustle?

I created this line to help women gain confidence & self-esteem back in their lives.

How are you “Hustling up” Mamapreneurs to the next level?

By allowing them to be their own boss and making them feel beautiful.

What strategies worked or are working for your business?

Networking and partnering with other like minded business women.

Connect with Shalisa "Liisa"

IG: BoujiLipCosmetics

Bouji is the new lifestyle, Dare to be…….Remember ladies you are Bodacious, Originally, Unique, Jazzy, and Irresistible!

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