Raising a King: Lessons from Wakanda

There’s so much reason to have a BIG BUZZ around Marvel Studio’s movie - Black Panther. Oh yes! chart topping and recording breaking Black Panther.

Like many of you, I transcended on the scene this past week to immerse myself in Wakanda.

So many thoughts raced through my mind during the movie – Black women shining bright, African culture on display like it was Fashion week and the more intimate messaging about MY LIFE and the young King I am raising.

I left my plush and comfy recliner at Regal Cinemas thinking,

Am I a Wakanda Mama?

Am I raising a King too?

As I looked at my own family’s legacy and the super cute pic of my so son-

The answer was Yes!

I am a Wakanda Mama and I am raising royalty. (Seriously though...I really had to stop and really think about this)

I am Wakanda and I am Wakanda”ing” my own power path.

I am walking on my power path while honoring the legacy set before me. I too, also studied and trained for the power path I was created to create and fulfill.

Just like the Black Panther, I also embraced I would not be where I am without the giants in my life.

So many emotions stirring inside from the movie - lesson learned, beauty tips, STEM ideas, fitness check ( lets be real I cant fly in the air like that) and so much more.

Let's start with what was the total win for me was the Giant Display of Mamas.

Each of them portrayed a unique characteristic that resonated how they were

Wakanda”ing” down their path while raising a King.

These dynamic Mamas not only birthed, protected and healed the Black Panther – they showed the collaborative effect of Mamas in action together.

Team Collaboration not Competition

Let’s do my favorite rundown

Fem Fatale Army (Led by General Okoye - Danai Guira)

The definition of flawless beauty, spirit of a warrior and defense moves

Jet Li cant finesse sums up this powerhouse.

More importantly, Mama General Okoye was going to

take down her “love” for Wakanda until he got some sense.

Her Power Word: Allegiance

Technology Bae – Princess Suri aka Lil Sis (Letitia Wright)

Her Technology prowess carried an entire city and kept Black Panther’s swagger. Breaking stereotypes and common myths about black women

and technology - she is the creative mind

behind Wakanda's technological advancements.

She wasn't afraid to try something new and push it to the limits.

She has redefined STEM on another level.

Power Word: Innovative

Ride and Die Lady Love - Princess Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o)

Check Nakia’s wit, physique and beauty– I would freeze up each time I saw her too. Her Love, Determination and Hustle proves everyone needs a ride or die Mama like this. She walked her own power path fulfilling her purpose

and stood in her truth - Unapologetic.

Her Power Word: Determination

Wakanda Queen Ramonda (Yes! Angela Bassett gave me life!)

A mother’s love will always bring the best out of her children. Most importantly, at all costs mama will protect home. A key point I learned from her was she always stayed focused on the future of her legacy - her son.

Mama was ready to protect him at all costs.

Her Power Word: Focused

So yes! Wakanda has become a noun, verb and adjective in my vocab.

Are you Wakanda”ing” today?

I Wakanda you.

Yes! You are Wakanda Worthy!

But more importantly, Wakanda reminds me the potential of my little King and The Black Panther he will become in his own way. So yes as I look at Black Panther, he means so much more than a Marvel character. He reminds me of the potential of my son and his future reign as King of my family's legacy.

Drop me a line and tell me How are you Wakanda “ing” today?

Who is the King you are raising?

All images are courtesy of Disney Studios and Marvel Studios

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