Heart of the Hustle Interview with Anjali Forber-Pratt

In today’s Heart of the Hustle Interview, we explore how Anajli’s foundation set the course for her to unleash her power. Anajli was a featured action speaker at the Ellevate Network’s Mobilize Women Summit hosted at App Nexus in NYC on June 21,2018 where her talk focused on…Guess What?....putting the “A” in Action on “How to” Dream, Drive, Do: Unleashing the Power Within. This powered pack talk rocked the room on how Anajli conquered myths and her mindset in becoming a , Paralympic Medalist and now Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University. During her talk followed by a more intimate chat, Anajli was completely unaware how she rocked my soul as a mother.

Let me explain….

As a mother, we are often programmed to follow a regimen to raising our kids and the fear of failure is placed in you if you ever deviate from it...then oh my… your kids will be a victim instead of a victor in society. You often hear if you “raise your kids” this way and it doesn’t turn out as expected something during the BETA phase when wrong and usually mom is to blame. Btw I call raising our kids a BETA phase because life and every stage in it is an experiment. Right?

The programming aspect hit home for me when Anjali shared how she began to thrive when her parents stopped following “the parent script” of raising and protecting through their fears of how complicated life and people can be.

Anjali’s journey to unleashing her power began when her parents stop placing “their” limits on her. Her parents had to give up their fear in order for her to develop her freedom path. So here I’m sitting in of her listening to her experience of striving to be equal with her siblings and any other kid she would interact. At every moment showing “I can do that too” or “I can do that even better”.

What was the message Anajli was telling her parents, siblings, community or anyone else that tried to limit her?

“Stop holding me back from unleashing my power”

It was in that very moment I thought am I setting the course for my kids to discover and define their power.

Am I being a helicopter parent? picky parent? critical parent?

All of these questions swirled in my mind about how I can “raise a leader”.

It starts with being a “gardener”.

Here are my top takeaways from Anajli’s experiences and words of wisdom on being a “gardener”:

1. Acknowledge and conquer your fears as a parent.

2. Allow your kid(s) to explore and discover their interests and limits.

3. Create a community of support and trust for you and your family.

4. Provide the love and light your kid(s) needs to flourish on their own path.

5. Live in the moment with your kid(s) so you can grow and thrive together.

I wish I would I could hug her parents ( high five to her Mama) and say thank you for raising a leader.

Ellevate Network’s Mobilizing the Power of Women Summit brought together an intentionally diverse and committed group of people to take action towards equality. Download the Mobilize Women Action Guide here and subscribe to the Ellevate newsletter.

In Hustle and Heart - Latosha Frink Harrison

Latosha Frink Harrison is the FoundHER of Mama Hustle & Co. Thru Mama Hustle &Co., she believes in Optimizing the Brand of Mom™ while Redefining Motherhood by providing “mamas” a community to thrive and discover their power paths in entrepreneurship while balancing home and motherhood. She is a native New Yorker whom currently resides in the Washington, DC area with her husband, Troy and their 2 kids, Jewel and Nyles.

Follow her on social media at @mamahustleco and @iamlatosha

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