Heart of the Hustle Interview with Joy Fitzgerald, CDO, Eli Lilly and Company

In today’s Heart of the Hustle Interview, Joy Fitzgerald, CDO, Eli Lilly and Company “tells it like it is” about creating a diverse world and how it begins at home.

Before we hop into today’s #MamaLesson from Professor Joy, let me share a little background about Joy and how I met this power house Mama.

Joy is the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) of Eli Lilly and Company where she partners with Human Resources and business leaders to support Lilly’s objective to attract and develop talent, build future leaders at all levels and improve diversity and inclusion across the company. Joy was a featured speaker on the Change of Focus: From Diversity to Inclusion and Equality panel at the Ellevate Network’s Mobilize Women Summit hosted at App Nexus on June 21,2018 in NYC. During her panel discussion and our follow-up interview, Joy dropped her “tell it like it is” points where she believes in operating a workforce like a big family where everyone not only has a seat at the dinner table to be seen (and fed) but also a voice to be heard.

So back to today’s #MamaLesson by Professor Joy where she breaks down how she the greatest impact people can make in the areas of diversity, inclusion and equality starts not in the boardroom but in the living room. She strongly advocates that if you really want to know, embrace and create change in another person’s life journey it starts at - HOME.

I agree it with her…it all starts at HOME. To embrace “how I live” on an everyday basis and experience my family’s values, interactions and a good meal while you are at it starts at HOME. There is something so innocent yet impactful when you enter a personal space like another person’s living room.

You learn so much – you feel the warmth and energy of how they live, love and lead.

So YES - the activities and actions I believe we see in today’s company boardrooms are directly connected to those board member’s living rooms. This provides us (yes! - you and me) the opportunity to change course to challenge companies to encourage their Boards to change the conversation on diversity, inclusion and equality.

Professor Joy broke it down and told this Mama “We need to show one another that my family is just like yours” in that we have the same goals of prosperity, joy and hope of building a legacy that moves our family forward. Simply put- we need to show each other I am human just like YOU. In doing so - this is how we start to encourage communities and connections to breakdown the barriers of diversity, inclusion and equality. Joy also shared at Eli Lilly and Company, they create these “living room” type of sessions where they can bring issues to forefront to discuss and solve as a family. In operating as family – everyone has a seat at the table and voice to be heard (hmmm does dinner come with that) to move the company forward.

Let me ask you – Are we really different after all?

I hope you said NO…well I’ll say NO for you.

We are all striving to reach the finish line of life to achieve a job well done for our families.

Why can’t we achieve this together?

We can achieve this together by starting to create the conversations at home to have an open heart and mind and leaving your comfort zone to meet and embrace another family that is different from yours.

Professor Joy drops these “tell it like it is” #MamaLesson points that can apply to your home or hustle to get your L.I.F.E:

1. Learn to lead by listening more

2. Interact more - Get to “know” the person behind the job profile (or neighbor)

3. Face It don’t ignore – Be an advocate and use your voice to help others

4. Encourage communication - Create safe spaces for dialogue and interaction

I would like to thank Ms. Joy Fitzgerald aka Professor Joy for her candor and transparency in sharing how she leads with her Eli Lilly and Company.

You follow at Joy @SpeakingJoy_jf

In Hustle and Heart - Latosha Frink Harrison

Ellevate Network’s Mobilizing the Power of Women Summit brought together an intentionally diverse and committed group of people to take action towards equality. Download the Mobilize Women Action Guide here and subscribe to the Ellevate newsletter.

Latosha Frink Harrison is the FoundHER of Mama Hustle & Co. Thru Mama Hustle &Co., she believes in Optimizing the Brand of Mom™ while Redefining Motherhood by providing “mamas” a community to thrive and discover their power paths in entrepreneurship while balancing home and motherhood. She is a native New Yorker whom currently resides in the Washington, DC area with her husband, Troy and their 2 kids, Jewel and Nyles.

Follow her on social media at @mamahustleco and @iamlatosha

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