Celebrate the Small Wins with Carly Patterson

In today’s Heart of the Hustle Interview, Carly Patterson wants Mamas to celebrate their wins everyday!

I know you are wondering – Who is Carly Patterson?

Well! Where do I begin?….she is Mamapreneur of a handsome little fella (Graham) who is also Mama Hustling her way in these social media streets defining her power path in motherhood her way. Carly works with the USA Gymnastics on promotion and events focused on gymnastics camps and competitions helping inspire young gymnasts. She is also actively involved with the United States Olympic Committee.

This is not the beginning but a continuation of her greatness.

Carly is an award-winning gymnast who most notably became the first American woman in 20 years to win the All-Around Olympic Gold medal since Mary Lou Retton in 1984 during the 2004 Olympics.

Yes- Carly is an American Olympic Gold Medalist in Gymnastics.

Can you say accomplished, driven and committed?

Carly also published a children’s book called “Be Strong” to encourage and motivate kids to show up every day and be their best based on her experience as a gymnast. She was also recognized by Glamour Magazine at the 2004 "Women Of The Year” Award and honored as the March of Dimes’ “Sportswoman of the Year.”

I met this Power Mama at the Ellevate Network’s Mobilize Women Summit hosted at App Nexus on June 21,2018 in NYC.

Carly was a featured action speaker on Champion Lessons. During her power talk, she highlighted two key points that resonated about the challenges mamas’ experiences everyday – The Work and The Win.

Carly landed a perfect 10 driving home the message that Hard Word Never Disappears but how you respond to it does. She shared her trails and tribulations as she was being groomed to be one of American’s gymnast and how that prepared her for life after gymnastics. Everyday we rise to meet the challenge that life serves, and we must be equipped to put in the hard word to persevere.

As she started her life as a new mom, she was met with new challenges of adjusting and navigating motherhood her way. She recollected on her experiences as a competitive gymnast where she had to make it work for her and she adopted that same mindset to motherhood.

Her message – Celebrate the small wins!

Too often we beat ourselves up about perfection but never give progression its appropriate respect due in our lives.

Isn’t true?

Anything in life worth fighting for is not going to be EASY.

If it was EASY, then everyone would DO IT or BE IT.

Remember YOU are worth fighting for. Come on Mama, lets do this.

Here are some of her #MamaLessons dropped by Carly:

· Develop the work ethic – put in the work.

· Celebrate the small wins – progress wins perfection every time

· Be surrounded by people that can push pivot you not pull you down ( wink wink…Welcome to Mama Hustle & Co)

Where is Carly nowadays?

Currently Carly works with the USA Gymnastics and United States Olympic Committee. She continues to work with charities championing causes that support women and children like Special Olympics, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network. She currently works closely with a local Dallas charity; Taylor’s Gift Foundation and they help bring awareness about organ donation.

Follow Carly on IG @carlypatterson04 or Twitter @carlypatterson

Ellevate Network’s Mobilizing the Power of Women Summit brought together an intentionally diverse and committed group of people to take action towards equality. Download the Mobilize Women Action Guide here and subscribe to the Ellevate newsletter.

Latosha Frink Harrison is the FoundHER of Mama Hustle & Co. Thru Mama Hustle &Co., she believes in Optimizing the Brand of Mom™ while Redefining Motherhood by providing “mamas” a community to thrive and discover their power paths in entrepreneurship while balancing home and motherhood. She is a native New Yorker whom currently resides in the Washington, DC area with her husband, Troy and their 2 kids, Jewel and Nyles.

Follow her on social media at @mamahustleco and @iamlatosha

All photos are courtesy of Ellevate Networ

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