Heart of the Hustle Interview with Kemp Steib of The Second Shift

Latosha Frink Harrison with Kemp Steib at The Mobilize Women Summit

In today’s Heart of the Hustle Interview, we explore how Kemp Steib’s mobilizes women in her role as the CFO of The Second Shift. Kemp was a featured speaker on the Sponsors, Allies and Partners panel at the Ellevate Network’s Mobilize Women Summit hosted at App Nexus on June 21,2018 in NYC. During her panel discussion, Kemp emphasized many of the core principles of Ellevate Network – partnership, being a change maker and most importantly being you in all you do.

During my Hustle chat with Kemp she dived into the importance of “staying in the game” in order to “change the game” to effectuate change in engagement and growth.

So are you wondering “the game” she was referring to?

Well “the game” is subjective to your area of expertise and industry so wherever you are and whatever you do – Don’t give up.

Give in and become a change maker.

Mike Steib, Chief Executive Officer, XO Group Inc. and Kemp Steib, CFO, The Second Shift - Panel Discussion (Sponsors, Allies and Partners)

As the CFO of the Second Shift, she is chartering new territory for women to leverage their expertise on their terms while answering the call for innovative talent in the workforce.

Founded by Jennny Galluzzo and Gina Haldey, the Second Shift provides highly-skilled women with opportunities and connections to remain in the workforce on their terms. They also engage with brands to “operate differently” to attract and attain female technical expertise primarily in finance and marketing and build relationships with female influence in the workplace. Kemp joins this enterprising startup and their powered packed leadership with own her savvy finance and strategic engagement power. In her new role as CFO, she believes you can “do well” and “do good” from both sides of the playing field as an employer or employee. She aims to achieve that mission by showing companies how to tackle their talent pipeline and brain drain issues with industry vetted women experts.

As a NYC mom of 2, Kemp understands the challenges of the work- life balance and moms having to choose between raising their family and be employed. As moms seek alternative avenues to pursue their power paths on their terms, The Second Shift provides opportunities for moms to be the pipeline solution to the brain drain dilemmas companies face. Their goal in unison with Ellevate Network is to Mobilize Women to remain engaged in the workforce to eliminate the pay scale gap, create fair opportunities for women in and out of the workforce and produce more CEOs so we can keep the “female narrative” active. Kemp believes if you address the pipeline issue on all fronts then the pay gap will become nonexistent.

In Mobilizing Women, Kemp believes in accountability and action in taking control of your power path. She shares her top 5 Heart of the Hustle “IT” tips in pursing your power path:

1. Know your worth

2. Know your work (expertise)

3. Know your circle

4. Don’t quit the workforce – engagement produces action

5. Skills are fungible - diversify

The Second Shift stands in support of the #MobilizeWomen Summit movement and we encourage you to join us by downloading the Ellevate Network's #MobilizeWomen Action Guide to continue change the narrative and become a change maker.

To learn more about The Second Shift, please visit www.thesecondshift.com

To learn more about Ellevate Network, please visit www.ellevatenetwork.com

Join me next week as I bring another Heart of the Hustle Interview to you featuring another dynamic speaker from the #MobilizeWomen Summit. The #MobilizeWomen Summit was a one day event however this movement is for life.

In Hustle and Heart – Latosha Frink Harrison

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Latosha Frink Harrison is the FoundHER of Mama Hustle & Co. Thru Mama Hustle &Co., she believes in Optimizing the Brand of Mom™ while Redefining Motherhood by providing “mamas” a community to thrive and discover their power paths in entrepreneurship while balancing home and motherhood. She is a native New Yorker whom currently resides in the Washington, DC area with her husband, Troy and their 2 kids, Jewel and Nyles.

Follow her on social media at @mamahustleco and @iamlatosha

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