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August 15, 2018

In today’s Heart of the Hustle Interview, we dive into the power of the word.

So you might be thinking what is she referencing?

The power of the spoken word like poetry at an open mic night?

The power of the biblical word in The Bible?

The power of the written word in our favorite?

 Not exactly.

Let’s talk about the power of the pen and how it gives birth to the power of the word.

Yes! Taking a in depth look at – how writing impacts...

August 7, 2018

In today’s Heart of the Hustle Interview, Carly Patterson wants Mamas to celebrate their wins everyday!

I know you are wondering – Who is Carly Patterson?

Well!  Where do I begin?….she is Mamapreneur of a handsome little fella (Graham) who is also Mama Hustling her way in these social media streets defining her power path in motherhood her way. Carly works with the USA Gymnastics on promotion and events focused on gymnastics cam...

In today’s Heart of the Hustle Interview, Kristen “KR” Liu, US Congressional Awarded Hearing Loss Advocate shares how she discovered her power path to become one of the leading voices in innovation for accessibility by hiding her biggest secret aka her superpower.

So you are wondering…what’s her superpower?

We’ll get to that in a second.

Let me tell you a lil bit more about why KR is my type of Mama?

For starters she is a “badass”...

In today’s Heart of the Hustle Interview, Joy Fitzgerald, CDO, Eli Lilly and Company “tells it like it is” about creating a diverse world and how it begins at home.  

Before we hop into today’s #MamaLesson from Professor Joy, let me share a little background about Joy and how I met this power house Mama.

Joy is the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) of Eli Lilly and Company where she partners with Human Resources and business leaders...

In today’s Heart of the Hustle Interview, we explore how Anajli’s foundation set the course for her to unleash her power. Anajli was a featured action speaker at the Ellevate Network’s Mobilize Women Summit hosted at App Nexus in NYC on June 21,2018 where her talk focused on…Guess What?....putting the “A” in Action on “How to” Dream, Drive, Do: Unleashing the Power Within. This powered pack talk rocked the room on how Anajli...

I always say “Show me a Mama and I’ll show you Hustle”.

These two Mamapreneurs, Therese Miu and Alyce Chan ( pictured below) are by no means short of hustle, heart and all of the excellence required to execute it.

These Mamas have aligned forces ( ummmm yasssss…that means collaboration) to infuse Comedy and Cameras for a Cause to support the change and dialogue around mental illness. This collaboration represent the dynamic com...

In today’s Heart of the Hustle Interview, we explore how Kemp Steib’s mobilizes women in her role as the CFO of The Second Shift. Kemp was a featured speaker on the Sponsors, Allies and Partners panel at the Ellevate Network’s Mobilize Women Summit hosted at App Nexus on June 21,2018 in NYC. During her panel discussion, Kemp emphasized many of the core principles of Ellevate Network – partnership, being a change maker and most...

February 26, 2018

Mamas of Wakanda drop some knowledge nuggets on raising a King while being on team Collaboration not Competition.

October 23, 2017

These Mamapreneurs are 

Advertising Media Gurus for your digital grind

About Diandra Hines and Dionna Collins

Diandra Hines and Dionna Collins are Advertising Media Professionals with over 14 years experience who decided to partner up and start a business they have always been passionate about.​

A former Brand Manager for Aspire TV, Dionna Collins develops content and strategizes for executions across all digital proper...

October 18, 2017

As a Previvor, I would like to share my experiences with everyone.

Whether you may know someone with the BRCA gene mutation or you yourself are a carrier of this gene mutation. I am willing and proud to share my journey of knowing and living with the feeling of fear that comes with this gene mutation for the past 13 years.

I believe that sharing my experiences will give strength and a sense of direction to those who understand...

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